Monday, September 3, 2012

Liven' in the Burgh

There's one thing that I was totally baffled by when I first moved to Pittsburgh.  These people love their pierogies, they are obsessed. They have an entire frozen aisle devoted to them!  They have pierogi races at all of their baseball games. My gosh. 

Well I thought it was high time I tried the madness and I have to say, I think the 'burghers are onto something. How could I have been so stubborn to try these? They're delicious! Potatoes and cheese stuffed inside a dough to form a delicious, carbo-load dumpling? I'M IN!! 

I sauteed onions with some olive oil and then browned the pierogies with them as per directions on box (and no they weren't Mrs. T's, they were local).  They were..phenominal... 

I'll definitely be having these again... and again... and again... 

I'm also going to try making these vegi-fied. I know I can do it! I KNOW I CAN! 


  1. How have you not had pierogies before?! After french fries on salad, this is my favorite Pittsburgh food! Have you tried them from the Polish deli in the Strip--so good! Try the sauerkraut ones next!

    1. I think that might be where I got them from.. I got them in the Strip but I forget where at.... I still can't hop on board with the fries in salad either. Goodness gracious haha!


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