Tuesday, September 18, 2012

TV Dinner Slummen'

I always look at various vegetarian/vegan TV dinners and want to get them for their convenience and how yummy they look, but I honestly balk at the price and can't justify buying them. Lucky for me, Giant Eagle likes to have Morningstar Farms products on sale (probably because I'm the only one who buys them in my neck of the woods). So buy them I did, and the first night I was too lazy to cook, into the microwave this puppy went. 

It reminded me of the enchilada dinners my brother used to eat by Banquet only sans re-fried beans (and all the other grody additives, I'm sure). It was super good, if a wee bit bland, I did add a good splash or two, or three of Franks red hot sauce. Now mind you, it is vegetarian and not vegan, but for someone looking for a healthier, meat-free option, this sure fits the bill. It was very filling too! The rice was generous and the enchilada was stuffed! ALSO- I forgot how realistic Morningstar Farms chicken is- I bite into a piece and panicked because I thought it was the real stuff. Youuuu sneaky TV dinner makers! 

So, whether you're transitioning to a vegetarian diet, trying out meat-free Mondays, or just reducing your meat intake in general, I definitely recommend these in a quick fix. It'll for sure save you from caving into eating something with meat in it if you're on the run and need something to eat ASAP. 

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