Friday, August 3, 2012

Bad Blogger

I have been a super, super bad blogger recently. I've also been super, super busy so at least I have an excuse. We're heading out to the beach this weekend so I've been doing everything in my power and creativity to use all perishables currently in our fridge- I think I'm winning.

Dinners have been weird and random however- and definitely not picture worthy.

Breakfast this week consisted of PB & J's and coffee. Snacks were babybel cheeses and fresh, amazingly delicious peaches from my CSA box. Lunches were a mixture of leftovers and... things I found in the fridge (scary). Dinners... well those were.. also incredibly random. They've been chock-full of veggie and lean protein though, I remember eating uh... rainbow chard, corn on the cob, fresh green beans.. hmm..

But I did it! I have no guilt in wasting food before leaving for our trip!

In other news, I have finally reached the point in my stage of readiness to put in full throttle and lose some weight.  In my field, we learn that everyone is in some stage of readiness in regards to a change they must make.

  1. Pre-contemplation: Person has not seriously considered taking action, the need for change is not forefront in their mind. 
  2. Contemplation: Person is aware of issue and need for change, but has not made plans on actually making the change. 
  3. Preparation: Person has thought about taking action and is making plans on how to achieve this goal. 
  4. Action: Person is taking action and continues to take action. (It is very easy to slip from here back to an earlier stage) 
  5. Maintenance: Person has been taking action continuously for a length of time and has plan and habit set to continue current action. 
We identify what stage our client or patient is and then cater their plan of care and goals to help move them through the cycle. It's pretty darn helpful. I'm currently in stage 4 so carpe diem- let's keep it coming! 

.......Just in time for vacation. Bah.. 

I promise to take pictures of what I eat on vacation though for two reasons. One, because that's super fun and 2) I have to hold myself accountable. 

ALSO- If you're in the Pittsburgh area and love adventures, theater, or just want to try something truly creative and really cool - check out this event: STRATA

I went last night and it was crazy, the whole event was impressive and well done. I would love to tell you more, but then I'd have to kill you- and I think that would hinder my path to personal enlightenment! ;) 


  1. STRATA looks really interesting, but $60 is pretty steep... Do you think it's totally worth it? Will it cure my blues? I've got some blues going on.

  2. It really is a chunk of money but I really enjoyed it. I don't think it will cure your blues though- it's not a funny show. It's actually kind of creepy and serious- it freaked me out haha! You should check out:
    They have free improv shows on Monday and these people are HILARIOUS! They definitely will have you rolling. :)

  3. I really, really like creepy and serious things.

    Maybe you and I should meet IRL and go to improv??

  4. Haha sure- my husband's there all the time anyways, just tell me when you're going and I'll go with him that time!


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