Friday, August 10, 2012

Bistro 14

One last vacation post... and then back to reality... 

Mike and I were enjoying the fact that we are childless so we decided to go somewhere more swanky for dinner one night.  We chose Bistro 14 which is located in the wharf area. It was BYOB so we brought a crisp white wine that we'd gotten at a local grocery store- they put it on ice or us which was nice.

They served some bread and butter to tide us over until the entrees came, it was really nice just being able to sit and chat, watch the sunset and drink wine with my boo. 

This is the bay of LBI, hard to get a good picture for some reason...

My dismal attempt at taking a photo of the sunset, also oopsie caught Mikey taking a sip of wine. 

Up first we ordered our appetizers from the raw bar, 6 raw oysters and 6 raw clams.  I was intrigued because I'd never even heard of raw clams as an option, and I was also super jazzed about the raw oysters because they're delicious. 

These. were. amazing. 

They came with lemons, cocktail sauce, horseradish, and this vinaigrette which was amazing on the clams. 

I'm a dumby and was too busy slurping up this deliciousness to remember to take a photo. Here... are the shells... haha

Mikey ordered crab cakes with green beans and fries, the fries were a-ma-zing for some reason. I'm not a fan of crab cakes anymore but he said they were delicious. 

I on the other hand ordered up a whopping dose of Omega-3's and got the grilled salmon. It was so buttery and melted in my mouth, it was served over an arugula salad with roasted tomatoes, drizzled with a vinaigrette. 

Alright- and that's a wrap kids!!! That only took me a month... I need to light a fire under my rear and get back to cooking!! 

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