Friday, February 21, 2014

Salad in a Jar

I've been making a profound effort to pack my lunches so that I don't: 
1) Eat something terribly bad but terribly delicious at work
2) Spend extra money on lunches when I'm already buying food for home

One thing I super hate though is actually having to.. pack my lunch.. I would love, love, love to just be able to pack for the week on Sunday and be done with it. And I never really came up with a way to do that since I predominantly eat salads.....

Until now. 

If you've been perusing Pinterest for healthy eats, this may already have happened onto your radar. It's called Salad. In a Jar. And it is quite the life saver and it just looks freaken' cute. 

The thought behind this little morsel of genius is that inverting the salad with the dressing on bottom and the lettuce far away from the wet stuff will keep the salad fresh for days! And it does my friends, it sure does. The meat marinates in the salad dressing,and the lettuce stays safe and far away from anything that'll make it wilt. Also, I like to think that the mason jar with lid keeps it a lil extra fresh and crispy- but what do I know? 

Here's what I like to do: 

Add a good dose of olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and garlic powder to the bottom of the jars. 

Add your meat, for me it's usually tuna or chicken 

Add your fixins: avocado, craisins, onion, etc 

Add the lettuce, I usually use romaine and I cram it in 

Then you just screw the lid on and then eat when you're darn and ready. I usually dump mine out into a bowl and voila, salad in the correct, preferable arrangement. 

The possibilities are endless though, you could make a taco salad, nicoise salad, anything that floats your boat really. Just keep the dressing and lettuce apart like they were divorced parents at a Christmas party. 

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