Saturday, February 15, 2014

Spoon - Romanticle Valentines Dinner

Alright, I have a confession to make: we actually went to dinner on February 15th. That's because neither of us remembers Valentines day is coming and by the time we remember, all restaurants are booked solid. But hey, at least we BOTH forget, that alleviates guilt on either party. Except he did get me some Godiva coffee and chocolate so, I guess.. I'm still guilty? 


For our V-day dinner, we went to Spoon and had their Valentines day prix fixe which was absolutely amazing.  

We started off with some drinks, I ordered:
the French Manhattan 
Old Fitzgerald 1849 Bourbon + Marie Brizzard orange Curacao + 
house dry vermouth + Angostura bitters

Mike ordered:
 The Old Cuban
12 Appleton Estate rum + lime juice + 
mint + Angostura bitters + sparkling wine

While I seriously enjoyed that Manhattan, I tried Mike's drink and it was so good that I ordered one of those after I'd finished my first drink! Happy Valentines day to me! 

Next up was this amazing lobster tail over a mac-n-cheese style pasta. I really wish this was a gigantic bowl... I really am not doing this meal justice in description but I just plum can't remember, so here are the ingredients...

butter poached Maine lobster: 
“baby shells + clam sauce,”
sopressata, olive and parmesan bread crumbs,
Laudemio extra virgin olive oil

Mike ordered their wings which came with a hot, poblano sauce and potato wedges. My favorite part was also that it had sauteed greens ontop- yum yum!!

crispy smoked chicken wings: 
southwest spice rub, poblano hot sauce
duck fat fried ļ¬ngerling potatoes,
braised collard greens,
chili + lime aioli

For our main entree, I ordered the Duo of beef which came with steak and also braised beef cheeks over roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes made with duck fat. 

I'm fairly certain my favorite part of the cow now is their cheeks... so tender and melt in your mouth...

duo of beef: 
grilled rib eye, braised cheek,
loaded smashed potatoes,
baby vegetables, Gorgonzola,
bacon + arugula salad, natural reduction

Mikey-doodle ordered the cod fillet over potato risotto and crab cakes. The cod was so tender and well made, as was the potato risotto which I thought was an innovative idea. 

Alaskan black cod + crab cakes: 
potato risotto, Brussels sprout leaves,
roasted beets, burnt orange aioli,
root vegetable slaw

And then this happened, and the world made sense....

They called it their "Spoon Bar"

I call it heaven. 

spoon bar 
Bailey’s cocoa bar, milk chocolate nougat frozen mousse,
semi-sweet chocolate pudding

That amazing dinner plus all the delicious Godiva treats my loving husband got me made for a wonderful Valentines Day indeed.

Yum, yum...and amen. 

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