Monday, January 27, 2014

Heirloom Seeds

This might just be me, but whenever I see those heart-wrenching ASPCA commercials, I immediately call Razor to me and snuggle him and give him treats. Does anyone else do that? Oh well, he's making out on the deal!

Look at that face....

Even though inch after inch of snow continues to whiten the world outside, covering every branch, every rooftop, and all the land in a thick blanket of bitter cold - I'm huddled inside anxiously planning for spring. 

I'm going to do it this year, I'm going to have a garden, I'm going to grow vegetables. Well, let's not set the bar to high, I will grow -a- vegetable! What homesteader doesn't grow some of their own vegetables? I can do this... I am Bob's granddaughter, I am Candy's daughter... I have gardening in my veins. Okay, pep talk over.. let's talk seeds. 

I saw an advertisement in my new favorite magazine, Mother Earth News for these heirloom seeds available at Baker's Creek . These seeds are so interesting, not your typical array of veggies here. I love that each seed is reviewed by users and they add good tips or things to consider before buying. This girl can use all the help she can get! 

I may have gotten a wee bit overzealous in what I purchased, but here's what I got:

In my internet searching, it sounds like the herbs, the swiss chard, spinach, onions, cabbage, lettuce, collard greens, and carrots will do alright in partial shade (3-6 hrs sunlight) Which is good since that's what my back yard consists of. The cucumbers, ground cherries, peppers, and tomatoes are going to need at least 8-12hrs of sunlight so I'll be putting these along the side and front of the house (and will be crossing my fingers). I'm even considering making some window planters- but we'll see. Another good tip I picked up was to use self watering containers for the tomatoes and peppers that need hydration consistently. 

I also will have to ensure I have plenty of mulch and/or plastic tarp to protect the latter items from drying out as they'll have to be in containers. (Hey man, I'm in the city, this is urban homesteading at it's finest.) 

My goal is to plant a little bit of everything and use trial and error to see what thrives and what fails in this climate and with the amount of sun I get here. Pittsburgh ain't known for their sunshine- that's for sure! Oh well, wish my luck- I'll need it. 


  1. I'll be rooting for you? The window above your kitchen sink could you grow herbs in cute little pots? Do you still have the hydrophonic garden in the basement? We will have to figure something out for you with your limited space and lack of sunlight.

    1. That's true, I could do basil and cilantro in the window sill to save me from going outside. I actually got rid of the aerogardens, they weren't all that they were cracked up to be - my plants never would bear fruit. I'm hoping that the vegetables I got will be alright with less sunlight, and the ones that need it I'll come up with an area that they'll grow! :) I need all the help I can get!


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