Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Story of the Rag Rug

So during my homesteading blog perusing, I came across something that I haven't seen in a long, long time. Rag rugs! I've always wanted to try this! Since I didn't want to go out and purchase linens from a thrift shop and there wasn't any WAY I was buying NEW sheets to tear up, I grabbed a garbage bag full of old clothes I had been planning to turn into cleaning rags..

And then proceeded to tear them into strips. The method to my madness was: 
1. Cut off collar (salvage buttons for later!)
2. Cut off arm sleeves.
3. Cut up side hem of shirt from top to bottom
4. Lay it open and rip the strips from the shirt horizontally (because unfortunately, I'm wider than I am tall and there were longer strips this way) 
5. Shoot for strips that are 3-4'' wide but, as you'll learn quickly with clothing they don't rip as neatly or evenly as linens do..

Again I apologize for my poor photography skills. And this pile of rags. 

Next grab three rags and pin them together, and START.. BRAIDING... 

Word to the wise: make your braids LOOSE, do NOT make them tight or your life will suck when you get to the sewing part. 

For more detailed instructions, go here (especially since I didn't take a photo of how to link your strips together when you get to the end of one)

See? It's starting to take form... looks like a rug to me! Uhh ignore my toes... 

And then, my least favorite part... sew the braids together...

I ain't gonna sugar coat it - this part sucked. It took me hours and I had to take breaks because it's tedious lining up the braids. I also broke two sewing machine needs :( Boo. 

But after all that blood, sweat, and tears.. I think it was worth it! 

Hmm... Now where to put it... 

This was fun, but not so sure I'll be making another one! 

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