Saturday, January 18, 2014

Yumvelope - January 2014

I really want to continue blogging about what I'm getting in these Yumvelope packages because they all freaking rock! I really regret not taking pictures of the December one because it was truly my favorite, they had Liz Lovely cookies, mint tea, and lots of chocolate- they even put it in a lil gift baggie! 

January didn't disappoint either, I feel like they were maybe trying to have a healthy snack theme (since that's often on alot of people's minds with new years resolutions) 

Something new in this box was something inedible, but still made with food: Savannah Bee honey body wash! I love the idea, and that it's made with real honey- but if I may be quite frank... I make my own beauty and cleaning products so I'm strictly in this for the grub. I'm sure many others loved this addition however. 

Weirdest name ever, but these Garuka bars are heavenly. It's seriously an item I can't believe is that healthy for you. Note, in my world healthy does NOT equal low calorie but instead fresh, whole food ingredients. 
It takes akin to the love child of a Payday and a Quaker's granola bar without all the nasty additives and fillers. 

These. Are. Amazing. I haven't actually had one for breakfast because they just seem too decadent but I have enjoyed one as a mid-morning snack with a cup of tea and wow did it hit the spot. 

Next up, a delicious and healthy snack of pistachios- not one but TWO boxes full! The Gilded Nut Snack Co. Original and Mediterranean blend mmm mmm! The original was kind of spicy, but then I'm a wuss- I'm sure 97.5% of the rest of the population won't even notice, my husband sure didn't. 

I get so incredibly excited about these packages and there's absolutely nothing better than getting something yummy, fun, and a SURPRISE in the mail every month! I highly suggest- it's my favorite! 

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