Sunday, January 12, 2014

Why I'm a Bad Blogger

I have this issue where, I get so incredibly excited about making something or starting a new project that I forget to record the progress. I just simply go forward full throttle, hold my creation of amazingness in the air and think, "Wow.. really should have blogged about that.."

For example, today I made homemade yogurt and refrigerator pickles. No pictures. I blew it.

Yesterday, I baked bread all by myself. Like.. I KNEADED IT.. and sat it in a bowl and let it rise..

One picture. No recipe. I'm sorry. (Ignore the mess and bad photography)

And tonight I randomly realized I was out of hand soap. So what'd I do? I freaking made a soap dispenser out of a mason jar and an old hand pump. And then I MADE hand soap. No... pictures..

I didn't even take a photo with my homemade hand soap in it.

I just don't think to take photos, I have never found the urge to document my crazy crafts I do every day. I probably haven't had my picture taken in a couple years. That's just me- I go through life undocumented.

I promise, I will work on this. Because this is boring otherwise.. recipes and photos will explode from my pages from here forth. I voweth. 

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