Monday, July 16, 2012

Cookie dough

Sometimes after a particularly long and annoying day, you just gotta treat yourself.  The hubbster was requesting something sweet and chocolate, and I was only too happy to oblige.  I've been obsessed with the Happy Herbivore as of late and, after purchasing two of her books on my Nook, decided to finally give one of her recipes a go.  I chose her instant cookie dough recipe because it was super fast and I had everything on hand! 

I tweaked it a bit: oats + agave nectar + peanut butter + cocoa powder 

I thought it was just too dry though, so I added a good splash of soy milk but then I felt like I was eating chocolate cereal.  Mike ate his up at this point but I had an idea brewing.  Why not combine the concept of overnight oats with this delicious mix?  I popped this in the fridge overnight and had an amazing, more cookie dough textured deliciousness the next evening. 

Sooo delicious and way healthier than traditional cookie dough! 

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