Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Park House

Now, I'm gonna let you in on a lil secret.  Ever since I turned 21, I have been quietly pining for a low-key, homey bar where I can go and chill, drink beer, and eat some amazing bar food.  I can't handle the loud, chaotic, and pretentious bar scene of most popular and trendy bars.  I want a place like Cheers where when I walk in, the bartender knows me by name and knows my beer order.  My friends, I have indeed found it.  Well almost, the bartender knows Mike's name and his order- but I'm sure if I keep showing up he'll know mine too. 

I'm talking about the Park House on Pittsburgh's Northside.  You walk in and it's a nice, tavern style bar, longer than it is wide with a long bar area and then a row of tables.  They have a great selection of beer, specializing in microbrews and craft beer, and they also have wine and spirits.  While I enjoy an ice cold Straub when I walk in the door, especially with in this summer heat, I have to admit I'm really there for the food. 

You won't find any wings or cheese sticks here my friend, but you will find a delicious array of hummus, gyros, falafels, and grilled chicken- super super noms. 

I was pretty famished when we headed to the Park House after watching a hilarious improv show at the Steel City Improv Theater.  I needed sustenance fast.  Good thing they have free popcorn and peanuts available- I grabbed us a bowl of popcorn and ordered up a glass of ice-cold Straub. 

Mike regrets to tell me that the main cook is still on vacation so it's just fries and hummus available tonight- darn it!!! Nevertheless I'm hungry so we order some spicy hummus served with pita...

....and some sweet potato fries with honey mustard sauce. 

And also another beer. Or two. 

I'll be sure to post pictures when I'm actually there to have a full meal but even better, go there and see for yourself if you can! 

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