Friday, July 6, 2012

Element-ary My Dear Watson...

This was my breakfast and lunch today- I know the picture's crappy and sideways but GUESS WHAT! I am just too lazy to fix this. Tilt your head to the right, man. 

Breakfast: Odwalla bar and peaches
Snack: Almonds and Prunes
Lunch: Leftover pizza (sans turkey pep) and cukes with hummus

Razor really wanted some pizza but too bad pup, you're eating salmon and sweet potato dog food. Also you'll be having some peanut butter with your thyroid medicine hidden inside. But you won't know it because you're a dog. Bam. 

So before I decided to start eating less/no meat, poultry, eggs, etc, we purchased a Groupon for half off a prix fix menu tasting at Elements. The Groupon was about to expire so I had to bite the bullet and order up.  Perhaps this will be my last hurrah? 

The menu tasting consisted of 6-8 plates we could choose from, the Groupon was for 4 courses.  All included meat and/or cheese so I just went with it. 

For my drink I ordered a Bloody Mary, it was your standard Bloody Mary- actually I've had better. I had to put salt and pepper in it. Oh well. 

Our appetizer was a sampling of olives, meats, and some crostini with a side of mustard. It was superb. I highly recommend this for the olives alone- I wish I knew what all the different kinds were. The meat was salami, sopressata, and duck speck.

Our salad was a delicious goat cheese and beet salad with a balsamic reduction that was killer. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture because I was so jazzed about eating it. D'oh! 

For our entree we ordered the braised beef cheeks over creamy polenta with a side of carrots and leeks. Everything was drizzled in beef au jus. That polenta was out of this world and I loved the cute little carrots with the greens left on!

For dessert we had a variety of goodies. The selection includes almond frangipan petit fours, peanut butter chocolate fudge, and the chocolate almond bars. All were sensational and the portion sizes were just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, but not so large that it stuffs you to the gills and makes you hate yourself for eating so much. Because then you wanna yack, I've been there. 

I really, really liked Elements, the atmosphere was classy and nice, the music rocked (Elton John, Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones, etc.) and the booths were super comfortable. The owner actually was out on the floor serving drinks and clearing tables which I found truly impressive and I appreciated seeing his evident hard work and passion for his restaurant. I just really wish they expanded their vegetarian entree options or at least added that on as one of the prix fix choices. OH WELL! I'll be back for sure. 

And... now I have to go work out. Bummer. 

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