Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Dinner with Friends

Now I'll be the first to admit, I'm a tad superstitious, I wear my lucky necklace every day, believe in spreading good Karma, carry crystal quartz in my purse, and run screaming from black cats. Okay, just kidding about the last one, I run towards cats because they're so fluffy and cute! My point being - I figured Friday the 13th would be seriously awful and catastrophic seeing as how that's the rep it has.  I was envisioning everyone malnourished in the state of PA flooding into the hospital all needing nutrition intervention STAT!

After an uneventful (Thank God) day at work, Mikey and I did some super-speed grocery shopping and then headed over to our friends place for dinner to celebrate their very recent engagement!  Appetizers were already laid out on the table- some fruit kebabs with adorable marshmallow stars at the top!!  Hilarious note- the creator of this dish noticed someone messed up the spiral design in the dip and ran to bust out a squeeze bottle of green gel to rectify the situation.  I've never seen her move so fast. 

Because I'm predictable and unoriginal, I brought my standard brie, jam, and crackers. Everyone seemed to enjoy it though!  Note to self: make sure you remove all the plastic from the cheese before putting the jam on- oops! Evidently the men were having issues cutting the cheese (haha) because they put little strips of plastic on the exposed sides to help the wedge keep it's shape. 

I have to say though, the star appetizer of the night was the hostess's creation of tuna tartar with fried wontons... this seriously looks like it's from a restaurant.  She made two and they were devoured in 5 minutes each- super, super noms and so beautiful!

Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures for the rest of the meal (which was delicious) because as we sat down for dinner, the hostess handed me this: 

Now in my happy, ditsy little world- I'm thinking oooh- party favors!  She mentioned that she'd already given  the other gal hers, and this is definitely something creative she would do so I thought nothing of it.  

Inside was a note: 

Now clearly here, I was slightly suspicious of what the question would be, but wanted to make sure I was absolutely correct so as not to create awkwardness or an idiot of myself so I feverishly went to work on the puzzle you can see in the upper right hand corner.  I was pretty nervous while I was putting the puzzle together because everyone was watching me and I suck at puzzles, plus my mind was going a mile a minute.  I was beginning to think it might say like .. will you be my best buddy or.. will you... go do something with me...who knows. I think I was just in disbelief and too modest to think, because I've never, ever been asked to do something SO AWESOME BEFORE! 

FINALLY after much encouragement (and help) I got the sucker put together and YAY!!! 

I was so elated and excited to be included in their special day, I started crying haha! But that's also par for the course with me.  I'm so excited because Mike is also in the wedding and I was trying to think how we would plan that day out if he were with them and I went separately to the wedding/reception area.  Looking back, I'm fully aware it was blatantly obvious to everyone else- but I was just too retarded and afraid to assume until I had it directly in front of my face.  I'm so excited to be included and help such a wonderful couple plan one of the most important days of their lives. 

Ahh I'm such a romantic. <3 

And a foodie: dinner was fantastic- roasted potatoes, a red cabbage/fennel/carrot slaw, grilled chicken, and caprese salad.  Everything was super tasty- I definitely polished off the plate of potatoes while they were ridding up dishes. I have no shame. 

Dessert was a.. I think raspberry pie with vanilla ice cream and whipped topping- but I forget because I was 3-4 beers in and still excited about being asked to be a bridesmaid!! Oh, I guess it's matron now - what an old sounding word!! Booo hiss!! I'm still a fresh young, starry-eyed teenager with the world as my oyster! 

Anyways, what a great way to put my suspicions about Friday the 13th to rest! 


  1. I LOVED THIS POST!!! Thanks for taking pics of our lovely evening :) AND THANKS FOR SAYING YES!!

    1. Yay!! Thanks again for the a-ma-zing tuna tartar!! And thanks for asking me :)


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