Monday, July 9, 2012

Tofutti Cutie Patootie

I've been feeling really guilty about the fact that I have probably 10+ vegan cookbooks and I rarely actually cook out of them. I'm usually doing all that I can to play catch up with my CSA goodies and I just cook by the seat of my pants.  Well I was rummaging through my veggie drawers when I found that yuca root I bought a while back when I went to the Strip District.  Oopsie, a little embarrassing haha! Good thing it's a root and was still perfectly fine. 

I made the yuca quesadillas from Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Veganomicon only I added black beans, green bell peppers and red onion.  While it was quite delicious and filling, I have to say it was too time consuming and I'd rather just slap some veggies and Daiya cheese in a tortilla and call it a day.  Buy hey, I fully embrace the processed vegan foods at my fingertips. If you're more into whole foods and avoiding that processed jazz I would highly recommend this for your 'dilla fix! 

I took the leftovers for lunch along with some soygurt.  For breakfast, I had a Lara bar, I tried the cashew cookie but I should have known better seeing as how I'm not that big of a fan of cashews.  For snacks I had a gigantic apple and some almonds.  Oh, I also bought some broccoli and cheese soup from the cafeteria but it was so nasty I ended up throwing it out. Definitely lost my taste for cheese. Blargh. 

I had one and a half of the leftover quesadillas for lunch so I was pretty darn full still when I got home.  Nevertheless I fired up the stove top and made Mikey his dinner.  I made two cups of basmati rice for us to split and assembled this beef and broccoli kit I bought at Trader Joes for nights such as this. As in, nights I don't want to cook.  The kit was pretty nice, I just popped the broccoli in the microwave, thawed the sauce, and sauteed the beef strips in a nonstick pan for 6-8 minutes.  Then I tossed all the ingredients together and cooked until the sauce thickened. 

While Mikey ate, I went and worked out to my exercise DVD- talk about being proactive!! I was so jazzed because I can tell the DVDs are working, I feel so much stronger and don't get nearly as tired as when I first began! Aaaannddd it's only been a week and a half!! 

After I exercised, I had worked up QUITE the appetite and I was jealous of Mikey's little beef and broccoli  dinner so I decided to grab my Chickenless Mandarin Orange Morsels and make one myself.  Where's my vegetarian kit Trader Ming!!! 

I microwaved a box of broccoli spears and repeated the steps from Mike's meal and voila! My own Chinese deliciousness.  I added some soy sauce because it's against my religion to eat white rice without it. Wow! It was so.. so.. good. I will definitely be buying this stuff again!!! I'm working on building up my arsenal of ready made vegan foods and this just made my top ten! I ate the entire bag and I don't even care.. 

Then I followed up dinner with a chocolate Tofutti Cutie (which I ate while writing this post). 

P.S. I hate Nicki Minaj

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