Saturday, July 7, 2012

Working on the Weekend

Whenever I work on Saturday, I like to pack things I can grab quickly (or spear with a fork) and munch on while I type since I see on average 18-24 patients and have to chart on... all of them.  For breakfast I had an Odwalla bar and the bag of almonds and prunes. 

By lunch I was sooo hungry- beyond famished.  My stomach was gnawing on itself and threatening to eat a lung if I didn't feed it ASAP! So I heated up the Brussels sprouts and topped it with TJ's edamame hummus which, by the way, this combo is a-ma-zing. I scarfed that down and plowed through my peaches and berries a few minutes later. 

It.. was not... enough.. I ran down to the cafeteria looking for further sustenance... Lo and behold I found...  

Garden vegetable soup. So, so, so good. I dunked some whole wheat crackers in it and went to town! YUM! It gave me the energy I needed to bust through the rest of my charts! 

I had to wait for Mike to come pick me up so I decided to take a stroll through Oakland. 

Big mistake. 

What was I thinking? It's literately like 100 degrees outside and I have to wear pants and sleeved shirts at work. Boy was I dumb (and sweating in 2 minutes flat).  I walked by a Starbucks and grabbed an iced coffee with soy milk and splenda.  The ice was melted in five minutes of me walking back outside but who cares? I drank the glass super fast anyways. 

I didn't feel like cooking dinner today, so I popped into Chipotle while Mike drove into Oakland. I ordered a burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, onions and peppers, corn salsa, pico de gallo, guacamole, and lettuce. It's my staple. I get it every time. Actually I think anyone that's vegan would also get this same exact bowl (well I bet the salsas differ but still). This bowl (being sans meat, cheese, and sour cream) comes in at 555 calories. Not too shabby. The guacamole wasn't that exciting so I think I'll leave it off next time so that my bowl will only be 400 calories. Oooooh go me. I broke the Chipotle curse of being extremely high calorie.  I kinda have to because....

I eats the whole thing.. nom nom nom... 

No working out tonight because I worked on a Saturday and that would be cruel. 

Ta ta! 

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