Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday slummin'

Monday and Tuesday were days of rest and recovery in our household.  All I accomplished was cleaning up the house, doing laundry, and grocery shopping.  We went to Trader Joe's for our food this week and also picked up our CSA box. The veggies over-floweth at our place! Yeaaa! 

In our fantastic TJ tradition, we snagged their sushi sampler for lunch. This time we also got the spring rolls which were an utter disappointment.  They were basically stuffed with romaine lettuce and a piece of shrimp. Blagh.

Dinner that night was pan seared ahi tuna steak over mixed greens and baby heirloom tomatoes.  Sounds and looks way better than it tasted.  I just don't know how to cook tuna at home I guess... sigh.. 

Also a whole lot of Ghost Whisperer went on those evenings. 

Aaaaaaaand I'm out. 

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