Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday updates

Saturday morning we ate at the continental breakfast available at the hotel and then had to run out to the mall because my darling husband left his suit jacket at home.  What's hilarious is, after his mom and dad found out about this, the entire group at the wedding was aware and kept complimenting him on his new suit jacket.  I just wanted to complete the circle by making sure everyone not at the wedding was also updated on the situation- haha!!  Also, to be fair, I needed to buy some Spanx- just keepin' it real. 

I have decided my one and only reason I would ever move to a big city such as Boston, NYC, San Fran etc... is that they have all kinds of awesome, veggie-friendly foods at their fingertips!!!!! I found these Odwalla bars (which are non-existent in Pittsburgh) at a CVS in the mall! SCORE!!! 

After our excursion to the mall, I headed over to the ceremony/reception area to get all dolled up for the occasion.  Mike's mom offered to have our hair and make up professionally done and wow was it worth it.  We had a little nibble fest while we were getting ready, we had guacamole, fruit, cheese, salsa, and chips. Oh, and champagne :)  

[Insert long, long, loooooooong night of beautiful ceremony, pictures, delicious food, and lots and lots of alcoholic beverages.  I have a hard, fast rule that when I drink, I keep my phone somewhere safe so that I don't lose it. I've had bad luck with that in the past] 

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