Sunday, June 24, 2012

Naps, Sushi, and TV, oh my!

I need a super chill day after the full Saturday I had so I slept in, and slept in some more, and napped a bit more before finally rolling my butt out of bed. I munched on a Clif bar and chugged some water, I really, really, really hate hangovers. Although, who actually enjoys them? 

Mike and I ran to Costco for some seaweed chips, fruits and veggies, pretzel chips, hummus, and we also found some delicious salmon burgers and ahi tuna steaks. I <3 seafood. 

Afterwards we ran over to Trader Joe's for some odds and ends not available at Costco and wow did their sushi platter look bomb. Mike and I split it for lunch followed by some hummus and pretzel chips. Super, super yum. I think Trader Joe's and Whole Foods sushi blows Giant Eagle out of the water by a thousand. 

I then proceeded to do laundry, read, and fall asleep. Mike woke me up an hour or two later- oops! I was really sleep deprived evidently. For dinner: salmon burgers, salad, steamed snow peas. 

And a gluten free brownie.... nom..

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