Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Hump Day!!

I absolutely love Wednesday because (as far as the weekend is concerned) it's all uphill from here! Just gotta get through Thursday and woohoo bring it on Friday! 

Breakfast was the standard, Italian tofu scramble and my coffee with soy creamer and splenda. I volunteered to stay 2 hours in clinic this morning and I was super hungry so I grabbed my Lara bar to munch on while I was down there. 

Now I was a little skeptical about how tasty this would be, the ingredients were literately only dates, peanuts, and salt. I was pleasantly surprised- I actually snarfed it down so fast I forgot to take a picture! It was delightfully delicious and I'll definitely be having this again soon. I can't believe how great it tasted, the dates weren't really noticeable it just tasted like, well, a peanut butter cookie! Also cool, they are: vegan, kosher, raw, gluten free, and soy free. True story. 

After I nommed on my delightful Lara bar I pulled out my bag of orange sections I prepped for a snack. I took one bite, spit it into the bag, and pitched the entire bag. I barely like oranges as it is and if it isn't tart and fresh tasting, gag city for me. Couldn't do it. 

I finished in clinic, saw my patients, and then went back to my desk to nib into my lunch box for some hummus and cukes- my last hummus container!!! I need to get to Costco this weekend. 

Lunch was my leftover from yesterday, quinoa topped with baked yam and tofu, seasoned with Bragg's and nutritional yeast. I had to smile because my coworker said it smelled really good but I knew if she knew what was in it she'd cringe. Oh well, Braggs does smell great.

ALSO, I had a healthy.. surprise... waiting for me when I got home. And by surprise I mean I'm surprised it even showed up. I signed up for a subscription to Healthy Surprise on June 5th, they said it would take 3 days from ordering for it to get to my house, and here we are June 20th and it's just showing up. Need we do the math? Now granted this is partially mostly Fed Ex's slow-ass fault, but it also took 3-4 days for them to process my credit card. I am generation Y- I demand instant gratification! Just kidding, and maybe I've been spoiled by my Amazon Prime account, but that is just far too long especially when they say it'll take 3 days. Not a fan. 

I am however a fan of snacks and surprises (regarding food that is) so I was happy as a clam once I got to open the box. 

SURPRISE!!! What's inside?

A whole lotta snacken' that's what! I'm surprised by how much was included and I got the smallest box.

Fruit bar

Apple chips

Super yummy- only one ingredient- apples :)

Oohh.. fruit nut bar

Vanilla maple flavored almonds

Hemp seeds! I'm super excited to try these out!

An energy bar

Gluten free vanilla cookies

Some sort of cinnamony crisp snack

Thai lemon curry flavored nuts- I tore into this bag because I was so curious to try them out. Pretty decent, I love curry so I was a big fan of the flavor, I'm not a gigantic cashew fan though so that was kind of a downer. Mike liked them alot I think. 

I'm nervous I'm going to have an allergic reaction to the cashews though, keeping my fingers crossed. I hate urushiol with a passion.  Lots of handwashing.

Dinner included: strawberries and snap peas from the CSA followed by a veggie burger with tomato, onion, avocado and veganaise. Did you know veganaise (or mayonaise) mixed with ketchup is the ultimate dip for french fries? Yup. Give it a try. 

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