Friday, June 8, 2012

Everybody's Working For the Weekend!!!

I am always desperately glad when it's the Friday following the weekend I worked. Since I worked last Saturday, (I did have Sunday off- big deal, ) the following Monday through Friday is killer.
I don't know why, it just is.

For breakfast I had my yummy puttanesca tofu scramble and a banana. I did not eat the banana as it was much browner by the time I got to work- yuck!! I'm running low on fruit I need to remember to buy more!

Get a load of THAT yumminess! Keeps you full for hours too! 

For my mid-morning snack I had a Luna bar to tide me over and for lunch I had some leftover drunken noodles which were bomb, and some cucumbers and hummus... Since I've been reading Hungry, Hungry Hippie's blog, she has me craving hummus all the time now!!

For dinner I just had a hodge podge of stuff, some hummus and crackers, 2 toffulo wings (buff wings made of tofu). I also had some curly fries and a Dr Praeger's patty on a whole wheat tortilla.. mmmmm....

Yum, Dr Praeger's patty, soy cheese, and ketchup! 

A meal fit for a junk food queen!! 

I really, really like Dr. Praeger's California Veggie Burgers so I was absolutely stoked when I found out they sell them in bulk at our local CostCo! Woo Woo! I'm amazed at how simple the ingredient list is and how freaking good the patties are! Now they don't taste anything like a hamburger, or even a boca burger for that matter. They're like a veggie pattie, and when broiled they have this exquisite crispy outer layer and a savory, warm center. You can even see the chunks of veggies in them when you bit into it! I highly recommend using the broiler, I've heard they fall to bits on the grill, they are very fragile. We baked them one time and they didn't get that amazing crispy outside that I crave.  

Razor really wanted one, but due to his food allergies he instead had his dog food of salmon and sweet potatoes, super fancy dog, super fancy. 

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