Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ode to Vegemite

***Warning: You must listen to Men at Work - Down Under or you will be deprived of the full experience while reading this post. Be warned. ***

I was packing my lunch for tomorrow, Mike asked, "Do you speak-a my language?" and I just smiled, and made a Vegemite sandwich. For MYSELF! Mikey doesn't like Vegemite. I on the other hand love it. I love it so much I could move to Australia and just eat it forever. See the thing Americans (I say this like I'm not one haha!) don't get is, a little bit, we're talking 1/4 tsp, goes a long, long way and you gotta mix it with some margarine! For those of you who aren't familiar, Vegemite is a savory spread commonly eaten in Australia, it's technically yeast extract. Vegans love it because it adds a great umami flavor to foods, I think it kind of tastes like beef broth personally. 

What a cheery bright label! This jar has been there with me through my ups and downs, the thick and the thin! It's my best friend. I <3 you Vegemite! 

This is how you do it up, Vegemite + margarine with tomato, onion, and avocado. Yummm.. You can see some of the dark bits of Vegemite on the bread, sorry for the poor picture. 

Man, there was a time in college where I literately ate toast with margarine, Vegemite, and avocado on it for breakfast and sometimes lunch for weeks, no I'd say months. So delicious. 

I also remember when I bought a jar of Vegemite back in High School (I actually bought it and had it shipped FROM Australia in that day!) and my mother threw it out because it had been in the fridge for months.  I was devastated, I had paid more in shipping than I had for the stupid little jar.  Little did she know, this stuff never expires. In fact, I don't even bother refrigerating it anymore- it's okay I checked with an Australian, they don't either! 

I also remember the first time I'd ever heard of Vegemite, I was watching Blue's Clues (yes it was that long ago) and Steve got a "letter" from two little girls in Australia telling all about Vegemite and how much it rocks.  For years I pined for this unknown substance. I had a girlfriend who went to Australia for a soccer tournament and bless her heart she brought me back some Vegemite (they have it in restaurants in little packets like we do jelly- awesome).  Clearly I've had a long, clandestine history with this wonderful condiment.

Also, don't be a poop-face and get Marmite. I would not approve. 

Also- if I had a patient with bilateral above knee amputations and hallucinations tell me he just got back from a long run, is it entirely wrong to barely keep from giggling? I am sick, I know... 


  1. Came across your blog while searching for somewhere to buy Vegemite in the 'burgh. Loved reading some of your latest entries. Can you buy Vegemite locally or do you buy it online?

    1. I've actually seen Vegemite at some Whole Foods locations, you could try there. I even saw Marmite (The New Zealand alternative)in a Krogers in Columbus, OH so it's out there. Also, if you come across a World Market, they stock Vegemite typically. So it's around, but not easily found unfortunately. It's become increasingly more popular lately so it's not quite so expensive to have it shipped either. ENJOY!


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