Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Lunch in the Life of Lindsey

I don't know what it is about boys and breakfast, but they sure know their way around some eggs! Mike treated me to a delicious omelet this morning with cheese, salsa, and some turkey deli meat. I snarfed it down and relished every bite- the man makes a good omelet. 

For lunch, I had some oatmeal with vanilla soymilk, cinnamon, walnuts, and COOKIE BUTTER in it. Yes. I said cookie butter. I've never had something so fantastic in all my life- I'll be sure to talk about it in more detail at a later time. 

The rest of our day was spent napping, doing laundry, and me preparing foods for the work week. 

I also spent a major portion of the day snacking on this little gem found at your local Trader Joe's:

I had to chortle a bit that it says Trader Joe-San. I love how they name their ethnic foods cleverly. ex. Trader Jose for the Mexican foods..

For dinner I have a major confession to make. For the past month or so I have been trying really hard to stay predominantly meat-free/vegetarian. I've even avoided for the major part eggs and dairy products. But tonight, something got into me and I was really, really craving this Vietnamese steak sandwich that I have a recipe for from one of my Martha Stewart cookbooks. It's a marinated flank steak with a carrot-cilantro asian slaw on a hoagie bun. It's superb and I'm not going to lie it was outrageously delicious. 

I have never felt so sick in all my life, I feel like I had food poisoning. Nuff said. I'm back on the wagon. 

Here's my lunch (and breakfast) for tomorrow: 

Breakfast: tofu scramble (puttanesca style) 

Midmorning snack: Clif bar 

Lunch: hummus & veggies 
cooked spinach, roasted sweet potato, craisins, and baked tofu topped with Bragg's liquid amino acids and nutritional yeast. 

Dessert: 1 prune :) 

I've been in a tofu-y kinda mood- what can I say?  

I'm kind of nervous about tomorrow, a bunch of new units are opening in the hospital tomorrow and we weren't granted anymore FTE's for more staff. Shit's about to get real. Excuse my french. 

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