Monday, June 18, 2012

Cooookie Butter!

This is the most magnificent discovery of the century. 

If you've ever had those gingerbready Biscoff cookies commonly doled out as your "snack" on airplanes, you'll have an idea of what this tastes like. The texture is super unique, creamy like peanut butter but with crunchy bits of cookie throughout it. I could literately put this on anything. One thing I particularly like to do is make a big batch of oatmeal and put a dollop of this in it. 

And, on days when work is particularly crappy and long, I eat it right out of the jar with a spoon while watching True Blood and Ghost Whisperer. Weee! 

Extra bonus- the jar is indestructible- it fell off the top of my fridge right onto my rock-hard kitchen floor and not so much as a crack- the lid however did not survive the fall. 

Mikey went to the Childish Gambino concert so I'm home alone with the pooch who tends to ignore me when Mike's gone. Fine with me! 

I've been dealing with an upset belly since the beef incident, today I was good though- I had a tofu scramble for breakfast, a Clif bar for snack, and had some of my spinach/sweet potato/tofu mixture but had some tummy troubles so I wasn't all that hungry. I also snacked on some chocolate covered raisins. 
For dinner I had a Praeger's veggie burger sandwich with some stuffing and a pickle. I'm not doing so well on veggies today but good lord at this point I don't care. 

Ahhh... also True Blood was again.. a true dud. I need to just stop bothering to watch it. 

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