Sunday, June 10, 2012


Well for a lazy Sunday, I did a whole lot of nothing besides eat, watch TV, download some new iphone games, and blog (clearly). My percolator was on the fritz so I had to bust out my french press and I forgot how cleverly easy this contraption is- sometimes simplicity is key. I topped my coffee with some MimicCreme and splenda- it was just what I needed to start my day.  

For breakfast, I was a major loser and had crackers and mushroom pate (homemade at least) followed by an Amy's samosa wrap which was in a word, divine. I love samosa anything. I highly recommend these for a quick meal- they're vegan! 

For lunch I showed some initiative and busted out some frozen vegan mac & cheese I had made a month or so ago, I drizzled this in that new truffle oil I purchased, topped with fresh chives, and it was fanastic! The salad was romaine, cucumber, bell pepper, and onion topped with olive oil and dark cherry balsamic vinegarette. Super yums. 

Somewhere throughout the day I had another round of hummus and pretzel crisps which are becoming a highly addicting snack, I should seek help....

For dinner I decided to actually move off of the couch and we (Mike & I) made grilled salmon caesar salads. I love, love, love, did I mention love? grilled romaine hearts. They're the only reason summer should even come around anymore. I'll throw just about anything on the grill. 

I drizzled some of my homemade Caesar dressing on top and tossed on some croutons- quite satisfying, I must say. 

I plan on spending the rest of my evening watching TV, watering my tomato plants, and generally using Sunday for what it is- the day of rest. :) 


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