Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another day in the life...

This is the picture I took last night of what was packed for breakfast/lunch for today. Is it weird that I get such a kick out of packing my own lunch? Oh well, here we go : 

For breakfast I had my favorite Italian tofu scramble (top left) with some grapes along with my staple beverage: Seattle's Best coffee with splenda and soy creamer. I don't think I could survive the workday without a steady jolt of caffeine and the creamy soy flavor is addicting. I love Organic Valley soy creamer, it's my fav. Yum yum! 

I started getting a wee bit peckish around 12ish so I went ahead and had my Clif bar but wouldn't you know it, I spoiled my lunch and I was not hungry whatsoever when 1pm rolled around. I just played around on the computer and took out the recycling and what not while the others went to lunch. It was kind of peaceful, a moment just to breathe and keep quiet. 

I went to man the outpatient clinic after lunchtime and I knew I'd probably get hungry so I took my hummus and veggies down with me and snarfed that down while I listened to some Pandora and passed the time. Clinic was super slow today. 

So clearly my actual lunch of quinoa, sweet potatoes, and baked tofu topped with nooch* and Braggs was not eaten, but no worries, it's in the fridge for tomorrow. 

When I got home I was super-famished so I immediately had a low-carb tortilla schmeared with that delicious cookie butter. So freaken good. 

I followed that up with, well, my dinner!! We got these sweet ass Bento boxes from Trader Joe's the other day and I have been super amped to try them out! 

Crappy photo but this is what the box looks like, it's in the frozen section for those of you who want to give it a go!! Oh, did I mention the box is only 99 cents? Yea.. I said it right, 99 cents. I just wanted to compare what the actual product looks like to the photo- typically the comparison is quite comical..

Way to go Trader Joe San!!! It looks just as delish! Oh! Miso hungry! Oh oh miso hungry! 
Starting in the top left box and going across, we have:

Here's what Mike and I thought of the various boxes: 
  1. Pumpkin with Shiso Seasoning= Disappointing, flavorless, no trace of shiso seasoning
  2. Spicy Long Beans= Yum! Just the right amount of kick!
  3. Eggplant with Miso Paste = Eggplant was good but no trace of miso :( Miso disappointed (okay, okay, I'll stop) 
  4. Soba Salad with Oyster Mushroom = This was MY favorite box!! I love soba noodles
  5. Shiitake Mushroom with Edamame and Carrot = This one was hard to mess up and thus, tasty 
  6. Baked Tofu with Teriyaki Sauce= Again, no trace of teriyaki flavor and the tofu was really gelatinous, like they used that vac-pak Japanese style tofu instead of Chinese. We were not fans.
  7. Brown Rice with Seaweed & Sesame Seed = I gave up at this point and added soy sauce, no hint of seaweed to be found 
  8. Curry flavored Brown Rice = Yum! Mikey's favorite box, you could taste the curry for sure, but it could have used more. 
  9. Teriyaki Flavored Brown Rice with Vegetable= Same was 7, no hint of teriyaki noted, soy sauce added.
Verdict: I would say this was a fun thing to try and for 99 cents you can't beat that! I don't think it will be making its way onto my Trader Joe's must have list though, it was just too bland for me.  

Also, since we were thinking the Bento Boxes wouldn't suffice for dinner, we grilled up some eggplant and zucchini that I topped with garlic powder and soy sauce. [Insert Homer Simpson gargling noise here]

Now I gotta go workout.. *groan*... I really hate exercising.. 

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