Saturday, June 16, 2012

BRGR & Grocery Shopping

Well I was lucky enough to have a lazy little Saturday again, I slept in late and then made pancakes for breakfast (I had some leftover tofu omelets also because Mike wasn't into them and I wanted to finish those up before they went bad.)

We lazed around the living room, checking out our email and Facebook for a while and basically wasted the Saturday morning away. It was really nice to just relax and unwind however so I don't feel guilty. 

I needed to run to Whole Foods for a few specialty items and forgot that Trader Joe's was on the way! Much to Mike's chagrin, we went to both. 

Here's my stash: 

Whole Foods: 
2 jugs cherry lemonade (sale!) 
1 jug cherry juice
1 jar Kim Chi 
1 carton Soy coffee creamer
1 tub Miso (This stuff seriously lasts years, I actually bought my last tub when we lived in Columbus and just finished it up last week) 
1 bag cherries 
1 bag chia seeds (these things are freaken expensive! Good thing a little goes a long way) 
1 carton peaches
1-2 # blue potatoes 
1 box Ener-G Egg replacer
1 carton Tofu 
1 GIGANTIC BAG of rice crackers
2 cartons sushi (for dinner, mmmm...) 
1 cup of vegan ramen noodles (a brand I've been wanting to try) 

Trader Joe's
1 bag wasabi peas (so addicting.. luckily Mikey no likey) 
2 Lara bars 
1 bag frozen Naan
1 bag whole wheat pizza dough (my sister-in-law turned me on to this, awesome TJ product!) 
1 bag everything bagel chips
1 bag frozen beef & broccoli (rare treat, I hope it's good) 
1 jar Speculoos spread ( So, so fantastic, please pick up a jar if you have the opportunity!!) 
2 frozen Bento Boxes!!!!!!! I can't wait to try them!! 

I would also like to take this moment to say it's nauseating how less expensive Trader Joe's is than Whole Foods and that I really need to veer more towards going to TJ's. I think that TJ's is even less expensive than Giant Eagle! I wish we were lucky enough to have a Krogers here but alas, that's only for the lucky bastards in Ohio... 

Before we headed out to the stores, we stopped for lunch to avoid over excessive impulse buying.  There is this burger joint near Whole Foods that Mike has been wanting to try so we thought today would be a good time to try it! It's called BRGR , located in East Liberty (literately up the street from Whole Foods) and they're known for their delicious specialty burgers (duh!) and their adult (read: spiked) milkshakes!! 

Mike and I couldn't pass up trying a spiked milkshake even if it was around noon, we have no shame. We did at least decide to split one because we figured a milkshake plus burger plus fries would prove to be too much even for us. Bless the waitress's heart too- she had them split the milkshake into two fancy glasses. 

Ooooh sweet mystery of life at last I've found youuuuuu.... 
rum + pretzel crumble + salty caramel + 
dark chocolate = Lindsey's personal heaven
I shouldn't have split 

I got the California Lovin' burger
turkey burger + provolone, pesto mayo, oven 
roasted tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, avocado

Mike got a Double Yoi burger (he tried.. to explain the significance of the name to me... ask him..) 

Burger + pastrami, Swiss cheese, fried egg, cole slaw, 
thousand island dressing

He really enjoyed the burger, especially since he was able to order his burger medium rare like he likes it! I have to admit it looked juicy and fresh so I took a little nibble. It was good but I liked mine better. 

For a side we ended up splitting one of my absolute favorite things that I feel ALL restaurants should serve: 
Fried Pickles (with ranch) 

Holy crow were these amazing- I really appreciate the portion size of 4 spears too, enough to get your fill, but not enough that you eat the entire thing and have a gigantic load of guilt afterwards.

Plans for tonight: watching The Wunderstudies perform followed by (hopefully) a trip to The Park House for some late night beverages. 

But first.. I gotta work out... :(  

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