Monday, June 25, 2012

Oats n'at

I wasn't feeling a tofu scramble for breakfast this week so I made some more oatmeal for Monday-Thursday. Mike's sister's wedding is this weekend so we're heading out to Boston on Friday.  I had to go through the nauseating experience of trying to find a dress and I just absolutely couldn't find anything I liked. Blah. 

Moving on.... 
10 grain oats + chia seeds + peanut butter + cookie butter + vanilla soy milk = heaven
Top is premixed, bottom is after a good whippen'! 

I know the ingredients may sound gross but it's such a yummy treat for breakfast! 

I was super, super busy at work today so all I grabbed was some Italian wedding soup for lunch, bummer. Oh and I had a Clif bar, and alot, alot of water. 

After lunch, one of my co-workers went to Pittsburgh Popcorn Company and got a giant bag of popcorn, and by giant, I mean:  

Luckily she shared! 

This is the Jalapeno popper (I'm pretty sure). She let us take some home too!! 

For dinner I sauteed some green beans with garlic and olive oil and roasted some eggplant. I also had some smoked salmon with onions, capers, and some pretzel chips. Nothing schmancy... 

I am too tired to be witty. G'night 

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