Friday, June 22, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well I'd have to say I'm pretty busy most days lately, we have one gal on maternity leave and today two more were on vacation so we were UBER busy. Blargh.  I ate one of those bars from my Healthy Surprise box on the car ride to the bus stop this morning. It was so rich and fabulous I was going to look online and order some but then I read the nutrition label and it was almost 300 calories with 14g fat, damn you coconuts, you are so good but so fattening! I knew I'd need to rally so I had an extra big cup of coffee with my soy creamer and splenda followed by some steel cut oats with the cookie butter/soy milk mixture. I also snacked on some almonds and walnuts. I forgot to take pics of the whole dang morning because I was so busy screening floors and looking up labs and what not. I also had a Lara bar which was dee-lish. I definitely need to buy more. 

For lunch I had to buy from the cafeteria and saw that they had a nicoise salad on the menu!! Hook, line, and sinker, I'm sold! I absolutely love nicoise salad but am far too lazy to actually prepare one at home. Who has time to blanch green beans, hard boil eggs, boil potatoes, cut up veggies blah blah blah. Just sell more nicoise salads Pittsburgh! I did eat all the tuna that was with the salad, it seemed to agree with my tummy way better than chicken or beef. Seafood stays. Also, after the pizza last night I learned that dairy is out. Nuff said. I also had some hummus with pita bread, no picture because I ate it in like 30 seconds, super famished. 

Eating at your desk= sad, by the way. 

Clearly I was in a salad kinda mood today because I cleaned a gigantic head of our CSA lettuce and made the world's largest salad known to man. It's topped with red onions, craisins, avocado, sunflower seeds, olive oil, garlic powder, salt & pepper, and my beloved dark cherry balsamic. 

I felt like we needed a protein of some kind other than the sunflower seeds so I had Mike grab from the freezer these frozen "chicken" nuggets we bought at Trader Joe's. 

I wish I'd realized how crappy this photo was earlier, also we snarfed the nuggets down so fast I, again, forgot to take a picture! Drat!! But also yay because they were so good! Mike said "If only all vegetarian substitutes tasted as close to the real thing as these do, then I could possibly do this" At one point while we were dating he said something similar while eating my veggie enchiladas but he avoids my vegan cheeses and tofu way more now that we're married.  Haha. He doesn't have to impress anymore! Oh well, I'm just thankful he's open-minded and eats the stuff I fix without complaint or ordeal, I know some guys would straight up refuse to eat some of the stuff I make. 

Even though I had a full, long, exhausting work day, I was actually in the mood to work out!! So.. I took advantage of this odd and entirely unlike me feeling and did a workout DVD. Maybe I'll actually start enjoying exercise.... well let's not get ahead of ourselves. 

I had a banana flavored Popsicle for dessert
Edit: I had two banana flavored Popsicle's 

Is it just me or does anyone else find the actor who plays George Costanza absolutely vile? I just can't even stand the man. Especially when he attacks Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman". PIG!!  

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