Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Hubby!!

Wednesday was Mikey's b-day, the big 3-0! I had to work so I couldn't do a whole lot the day of... I laid out a steak for him as his birthday treat. 

Breakfast was a Larabar and apple slices, snack was the same old thing, lunch was a tofurkey sammy with a soygurt. Trader Joe's soy yogurt is delicious by the way!! 

When I got home I hurried up and threw all of our CSA goodies in the fridge and excitedly opened my first Conscious Box!!! (More on that later...)  Then I delved into dinner.  I made steamed purple potatoes, tomato salad, braised bok choy, and I sauteed some garlic and beans with some smoked salt for protein. Mike had a Del Monico steak with smoked salt. He seemed to enjoy it quite heartily. 

Delicious summer meal... I need more tomatoes ASAP!!!

I didn't know what to get Mike for his birthday so I raided his Amazon wish list which was barren.. Therefore, all he got  was some new batteries for his XBox controllers, some shirts and underwear.  But luckily a friend gave me a great idea for a fun birthday gift which is currently en route!! I hope he likes it! 

I also made him black bean brownies... I wasn't up for making a full blown cake after the day I had, which I feel really bad about but I don't think he minded.  I think he enjoyed the brownies!! 

He dug into it before I could take a picture haha!

So, happy birthday to my cute, loving, and wonderful husband!!  May you have many, many more years of  health and happiness! 

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