Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mad Mex

Mike and I went to dinner at Mad Mex tonight and I was super impressed with their vegetarian options!! They have a vegetarian option for every section on the menu (soup, taco, quesadillas, taco, burrito, etc.) They even had a vegetarian appetizer- seitan wings!!! I've never had seitan wings out at a restaurant so I had to give them a try. They delicious! I like that they let you pick from any of the sauces that go on the regular wings.  I wish the sauce was dairy free but I don't imagine too many people order that so it wouldn't be cost effective for them. They do offer Daiya cheese for their entrees though! COOL! 

Mikey ordered the Carnitas Burrito which was pork slow roasted in garlic, cilantro, chipotles and Dos Equis with roasted chillis inside, it also had a side of blue cornbread and pico de gallo. 

Now I don't even get what all was in this blue cornbread, but it was so.. amazing. It just melted in your mouth and was so wonderful and delicious. I wonder if I could just get that as a side next time- it was a winner for sure!! 

I feel like I haven't been doing a bang up job on protein lately, so I ordered the grilled fish tacos, it's my standard meal when I go.  I have to be honest though, the beans and rice were the best part! I think I'll have to try the vegetable quesadillas next time!  Oh well! 

Oh, I also ordered a Big Azz Margarita which was half price during happy hour. It was 22oz... bad choice. Oh well! 


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